For most people on earth you have hopes, desires, dreams of someday making life better for your family and those around you.  We are a family that believed that someday we would do something to be a blessing to each other and to others around the word.  We have been giving this opportunity at Frosty Towel®

As stated we are family business with lots of great friends and supporters that help us.  I was blessed to be able to marry my high school sweetheart.  Since then we have been blessed with 14 awesome children.  We have an amazing daughter-n-law and for now six amazing grandchildren.  I left my lifelong career with the second largest retailer in the world to be with my wife and children more and build a dream together. Through much prayer and council, we decided to start a business in 2006. 

Growing this business has be a challenge and a struggle at times.  There were many days we thought it was our last days. That is where faith, perseverance and hope came in.  That is where our family and friends came in to help and encourage. That is where tons of prayers where prayed.  Either way we would not be where we are today without the blessing of the God of heaven, our family, our friends, our supporters and our amazing loyal customer!  We are grateful to them all and I will point some of them out below.  

Since that time we have had many miracles in the growth and sustainability of Frosty Towel®.  There have been countless bumps along the way.  We still have had lots to learn.  There are many people to thank that have come along side to help us.  You can read about them in the longer version of your story.

It is important that we thank our children who have given up so much.  They have sacrifice time and things.  They have work hard and long hours for this dream.  They have travel and done so much to make Frosty Towel® a reality.  They have prayed.  They have shared in all the joys of our success and they have share in all the struggles and fears as well.  The Lord has blessed us with amazing children. 

It is important that we thank our close friends and investor that have sacrificed more than anyone could every ask.  They have gone beyond the call of duty and we are very grateful. We thank you all.

Finally, we want to thank and praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.   Frosty Towel® is your creation and we are grateful that you have allowed us to be stewards of this great product and this company despite the rough times.  May we serve all you bring in contact with us as a result of Frosty Towel® to their satisfaction and joy!


Early on and still today we did not have the funds to market the product like a traditional product or the bigger companies out there.  We could not afford traditional advertising.  So we begin in the promotional industry making customized towels that people would give away at events like golf tournaments and other corporate events.  I knew from my own experience that this would put our product in the hands of discussion makers.  Frosty Towel® has been customized with over 1000 different logos over the years.  We have been used at some of the most prestigious sporting events, corporate and social events in the world.  We also began making custom towel for Disney World in 2008.  This strategy worked and people began to call us to buy our product for resale. 

The first to call us was a Walgreens district in Florida.  We had people begin to purchase Frosty Towel® for our troops overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan.  This opened the doors for the US Military. We were then called by a gentlemen from SMI Properties that owns many of the NASCAR race tracks to sell on property at NASCAR events.  These opened up other doors for us.  From here other people begin to call us for meetings like Six Flags over Georgia did in 2011.   Then in 2012 we got a call from Disney World that became another big step for our company.  Disney World took a chance on Frosty Towel® as did the companies I just mentioned and since then we have help keep tens of thousands of their guest cooler. In 2014 we attended our first ever Big Rock Sports tradeshow.  As a result Frosty Towel® is now sold in many locations throughout the southeast in local marine’s, bait and tackle shops, sporting goods stores and some Ace Hardware’s.  Then in 2015 Herschend Family Entertainment and Mast General Stores began selling Frosty Towel®.  We also became an international company few years back through the Surf Expo with Frosty Towel® being sold in Puerto Rico, the Bahamas and Panama.  In the summer of 2015 we began a major scientific study with the University of South Carolina Department of Exercise Science and Sports Physiology that showed some very promising results.

So we say and believe that the American Dream and American Exceptionalism is still alive.  We have come from very humble beginnings and challenges.  We have a dream inspired by God and encourage by all of you.  We are a true American dream coming true.

We are very grateful for the support and teams at each of these great organizations that took a chance on Frosty Towel® and our family – team.  I cannot name them by person, but they know who they are.  Thank you from the whole Frosty Towel® team. 

Finally, we want to thank you the Frosty Towel® customers.  You are the Frosty Towel® family.  If it is was not for you our loyal customers we would have closed the doors a long time ago.  You are way we exist.  You are who we serve.  You are why we get up every day motivated to help bring more joy to your life and help you stay cool. 

With this said please realize that a portion of our profits will go to make a different in this world whether is feeding starving children, helping women and children in distress and dangerous situations especially widows, orphans and the children caught up in the sex-slave traffic, as well as to helping our wounded veterans.  This is how we hope we can share the love of Jesus to those in need.